This challenge is a fantastic way to be able to raise much needed funds for two charities which reach out to me personally. Having suffered with mental health for a number of years now, and understanding the challenges and stigma it can bring, as well as the difficulties one can face with dealing with the truth of it, I am proud to endorse the Head Up charity as an organisation that is seeking to actively challenge these ideas and put the discussion of mental health front and centre. It aims to help individuals, like myself, take that first step on the road to recovery and support them through that journey. 
Bowel Cancer UK is another charity close to my heart, having experienced the effects bowel cancer can have within my own family. Bowel cancer is a disease that is not talked about as frequently or as openly as others, and one that is devastating lives in a growing number of younger people. With early diagnosis it is easily treatable, which is why research and awareness for this disease is so important, and why we are hoping to raise as much as we can to support this worthy cause.



First Mate

After being medically discharged from the British Army three years ago for a complex hip injury, chronic pain has been something that has tested my mental health daily.
I want to demonstrate to people, that through the correct attitude our mind can be the greatest tool for unlocking life’s difficulties. I want to be a voice for anyone who battles chronic pain, by demonstrating how mental resilience can alter the way our body behaves.
Through our perceptions and approach to each other on our endeavour, I want to see Team Marduk encourage anyone who may be facing dark times.



First Mate

While my insurance career is primarily desk based and involves assessing and pricing risk, outside of work I enjoy keeping active and as a counter to the day job, I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie at heart.  I am not shy of a challenge but this is on another level; more people have climbed Everest than rowed the Atlantic, and it promises to be truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
More importantly the race gives us a fantastic platform to raise both awareness and much needed funds for a pair of very worthy causes; HeadUp and Bowel Cancer UK, two charities that are entirely fitting when considering the mental resilience and physical endurance we will need to complete the row.



First Mate

I’m passionate about this challenge because of the purpose behind it: HeadUp is building the UK’s first retreat for service-members and veterans to take a pause from their struggles before their mental health is severely damaged. I think there is also a lot we can be doing to help cancer patients mentally prepare for the challenges they will face too.
We want to equip people with the habits and tools that will allow them to take back control of their lives in a positive way.
By taking on this challenge, I want to demonstrate that mental resilience isn’t just ‘something you have’, it’s developed through adversity, and that only through that adversity can you build the strength to take on the trials life will throw at you.



Team Personal Trainer

Gus is Marduk's personal ocean rowing trainer. He founded his own personal training business, Gus Barton Fitness, after completing a Sports Science BSc Degree at Exeter University followed by multiple personal training accreditations (REPS Level 3, Functional Movement Screen & Diploma in Sports Massage). Through a deep-rooted understanding and passion for the industry he forged this distinctive outlook to personal training and strength and conditioning coaching. Gus is now established as a renowned Kensington Personal Trainer. Gus rowed the Atlantic with team Ocean Reunion in the 2015/16 TWAC race, has rowed 82% of Britain’s coastline,  and has coached ocean rowing teams to 8 world records.



Ocean Rowing Coach

Dunc’s is one of the most respected, professional and well recognised Ocean Rowing coaches in the world. As a proud Yorkshireman and former Royal Engineer in the British Army, he has rowed the Mid-Pacific, the Atlantic twice and circumnavigated 82% of Britain’s coastline. As a qualified RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore and British Rowing Indoor Rowing Coach, Dunc’s is a multiple World Record holder at sea and on a Concept2 Indoor Rower. One of the finest men in the ocean rowing community, we are delighted to have ‘Coach’ onboard.